A dream realized

amir and katrina invitation two
amir and katrina
Symbolically April Twenty Five is our wedding anniversary. Our little enterprise started out as a need to impress our guests with our combined creative skills at our own wedding. Being two of the toughest customers to please with our extensive backgrounds in graphic design, we knew the cookie-cutter selections that were available to us at that time just won’t work. Picky as we were, we knew we had to go D-I-Y. 200 handmade invitations later, our small business was created. April Twenty Five prides itself on unique, quirky and out-of-box stationery designs that are modern and trendy. We provide direct and personalized service to each of our clients from start to finish.

The Masterminds

amir muslim

Amir Muslim


Amir is April Twenty Five’s Zen Master. He enjoys inventing “new” ideas that can be utilized some way in the business. As a little boy, he spent many days unleashing his creativity constructing action figures from popsicle sticks. He first had dreams of becoming a civil engineer but after he met his first computer, he never looked back. His eyes are his best quality and often come in handy when doing face to face business.
When he’s not working, he is often found building something with his hands or reading a book. He is happiest seeing something new come to life and would spend the rest of his life enjoying time with his family and making the world a better place. Amir handles the backbone of April Twenty Five’s business operations, he is the motivator, web designer, marketing strategist, web analytics and social media specialist.
katrina muslim

Katrina Muslim


Katrina is April Twenty Five’s Creative Director, the Design Diva. She oversees the creation of every artwork sold by the company. Her background, hailing from Manila, Philippines, gives her a unique perspective that shows in each product. As a young girl she dreamt of having her very own stationery store. When she’s not designing, she is deeply engaged in a TV series marathon or playing Tapped Out on her phone. One of her personal goals is to be able to serve every country across the world.
She is happiest when she can travel and discover new things with her husband, Amir. Katrina picks up her inspirations from the most unusual things, be it the classified ads, a bus ticket, neon signs and vintage packaging materials. She can turn the strangest things into an inspired creation! No challenge is too big for her.

Noone is beyond our reach

Our business operates from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and caters to clients from all 50 States. We also accept international orders and have served the following countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Finland, New Zealand, Germany, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, Turkey, South Africa and the Caribbean Islands to name a few. If you can receive mail we can deliver to you.
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What do we do?

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We specialize in custom-made, unique and non-traditional invitations for local and international destination weddings, as well as other events like bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, bat mitvahs, quinceañeras, sweet sixteens, debutante balls, anniversaries and other note-worthy milestones. April Twenty Five works hard to create exceptional designs, top-notch quality products and provides flexible and convenient service to make your special event memorable.
All our invitations are hand-crafted and finished with utmost care and attention to detail. April Twenty Five is always on the lookout for new and exciting design challenges. We are able to work with ideas ranging from the traditional, to crazy and out-of-this-world. One-of-a-kind concepts that best personify the couples we work with. The only real limit to our design capability is your imagination!